Our Mission

Young Scientists for Africa, YoSA, is committed to motivating, developing and sponsoring scientific interest in pre-University students in Africa by:

• Providing a scholarship scheme for African scientists to attend the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF)
• Supporting the development of a network of pre-University science communities in Africa
• Targeting young Africans with a noted interest in science
• Focusing on individuals for which other financial support would not be available

Who we are

Clare Elwell

Clare is a Professor of Medical Physics at University College London and leads a scientific research project in Africa, the BRIGHT project. Clare’s own career was inspired by attending the London International Youth Science Forum as student in 1984. She is passionate about encouraging young people to pursue careers in science and has established YoSA to provide opportunities specifically for young scientists in Africa.

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Tim Rooke

Tim Rooke is a chartered accountant and partner at Ernst & Young (EY) the global accountancy firm with expertise in the financial services industry as an auditor and finance, risk and compliance advisor to leading global banking organisations. Tim is married to Clare Elwell and is co-founder of YoSA.

Scholarship Opportunity

The Clare Elwell Scholarship supports young African students (immediately pre-university) to attend the London International Youth Science Forum. The scholarship is aimed at students with a keen interest in science for whom other financial support would not normally be available.

YoSA is offering to fund a number of students to attend LIYSF 2017.  The funding will cover the attendance fees for LIYSF, return flights to and from London as well as travel to and from the airport in London to the LIYSF venue, Imperial College.  The attendance fees for LIYSF incorporate accommodation at Imperial College, food for each day of attendance as well as admission for the full scientific programme including lectures and scientific visits.

YoSA is not proposing to fund the costs involved for a student to get to their nearest international airport with the appropriate travel papers, including the costs of obtaining a visa if relevant.  YoSA will work with a Local Sponsor to ensure these arrangements are put in place.  YoSA is also not proposing to fund the costs of any optional non-scientific visits to London attractions that are offered by LIYSF.

London International Youth Science Forum

The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) is a two week residential student event hosted at Imperial College London, with lectures and demonstrations from world-leading scientists, visits to pioneering university laboratories, research centres and UK scientific institutions. Annually, LIYSF attracts 500 leading young scientists aged 16-21 years old, from 75 countries across the globe. Students are able to tailor their programme at LIYSF to suit their STEM interests. There is a strong and active social calendar at LIYSF. A vital part of the experience of attending LIYSF is teaching and learning about different cultures and traditions.  This year will be the 59th LIYSF and will run from 26th July 2017 to 9th August 2017.  Further details can be found at www.liysf.org.uk.
Attending LIYSF has a huge personal impact on and benefit for the individuals that attend. They have the opportunity to meet peers from around the world and learn about developing scientific initiatives and technologies used worldwide and bring them home. This encourages students to consider new areas of scientific and combined scientific disciplines and broadens the international outlook of the attending students, forging international networks that will be invaluable in their careers in supporting international collaborations in future research.

Whilst LIYSF welcomes students from over 70 countries across the world and from each continent, Africa is not currently well represented.  LIYSF is looking to work over the coming years to change this and establish better international representation across Africa.  For instance, in 2016 LIYSF gave a full scholarship for Serge Shyirambere studying at the Mount Kenya University in Rwanda to attend. Serge came as the only representative from Rwanda and did an excellent job as an ambassador for his region and country and has been invited back to join the LIYSF student counsellor team this year.  YoSA has identified LIYSF as a key platform to help achieve its charitable aims and shares the ambition to increase the representation from across Africa.

Application Details

Click the link below to view Application Details covering qualifying criteria and expectations of a nominated student, the role of the local sponsor, the scholarship nomination process and how to obtain relevant application and consent forms.